First Cardiac Surgery

I transcribed my first cardiac surgery today.  It was an aortic valve replacement.  Pretty interesting.  Here’s the new stuff I pulled out to look up…

Paralysis of the heart, as may be done electively in stopping the heart during cardiac surgery.  Cardioplegia may be done using chemicals, cold (cryocardioplegia) or electrical stimulation

Interesting…the doc dictated this as giving a dose of cardioplegia but didn’t elaborate on the method.

inotropic support – Pertaining to the use of agents to increase the force or energy of muscular contractions, particularly those of the heart.

manubriumHandle-like structure or part.  In the chest it is the upper part of the sternum, which articulates with the clavicles and the first two pairs of ribs.

There’s also a manubrium in the middle ear, attached to the tympanic membrane.


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