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Adding to my vocabulary…

October 12, 2009

As comes with the job I’m encountering new terminology practically every day.  This week I learned about….

Mallory-Weiss tear – results from prolonged and forceful vomiting, coughing or convulsions.  Typically the mucous membrane at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach develops lacerations which bleed, evident by bright red blood in vomitus, or bloody stools.  It may occur as a result of excessive alcohol ingestion.  This is an acute condition which usually resolves within 10 days without special treatment.   

nadir – the lowest point as, for example, the lowest blood count after chemotherapy, the lowest concentration of a drug in the body, etc. 

angiokeratoma – a skin disease in which telangiectases or warty growths occur in groups, together with epidermal thickening.

lancinating – Characterized by a sensation of cutting, piercing, or stabbing.

tangentiality  a pattern of speech characterized by oblique, digressive, or irrelevant replies to questions; the responses never approach the point of the questions.

aliquotcomprising a known fraction of a whole and constituting a sample.

malingering – to pretend illness, esp. in order to shirk one’s duty, avoid work, etc  (in the case this week it was used in reference to a drug-seeker).