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January 21, 2010

Being a remote MT means there’s not a lot of help available when you’re struggling.  I have a particular doc that makes me want to tear my hair out.  Thankfully I don’t get him very often, but when I do, it’s always a long H&P (he’s a hospitalist).  He’s Asian and his accent is thick and his English is constantly out of order or doesn’t even make sense….and it’s MY job to make him look good. lol Even voice recognition hasn’t been able to figure him out yet. I have to re-type much of what VR transcribes. I failed 2 reports on him yesterday…97 on one and 94 on the other (I’m supposed to be at 99).  I listened to the errors with the QA corrections right in front of me and on some of them I wonder how in the world they interpret the nonsensical string of syllables I hear into what they’ve transcribed.

Today I emailed my mentor to find out if there was anything I could do to learn to “hear” him better.  She suggested samples. Well, I use samples every time I get him, so that wasn’t a lot of help.  Maybe I wasn’t very clear in my asking for help…I thought maybe there’s a trick to learning these ESLs.  Dunno…but I am determined to find a way to pass his reports.  Think what I’m going to do is listen to a bunch of his old QA’d reports.  Maybe I’ll be able to pick up a pattern on him or something.



August 12, 2009

Those 3 little letters consume my work day.  I’m happy to say that after only 3 months I am actually making production with my company, which is 130 lines per hour.  But I want MORE.  My long-term goal is 200 lph.  But honestly, I have no idea if that’s even realistic.  Although, I think it has to be.  I checked my stats at one point this morning and I was at 201!  But by the end of the day I was down to 130 exactly.  Those two 15 minute straight transcription H&Ps at the end of the day did me in, I think (I am much faster at VR editing I have found).  Oh, and also the long ESL consult that VR had trouble translating (as did I).  =\

Oh well, tomorrow is another day to rack up those lines. 🙂