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As time goes by…

September 18, 2009

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I posted anything.  I’m still adjusting to working full time…trying to find a routine to keep up around here.

On the MT front this week, I might just make the 150 lph mark.  As of last night I was at 152.  Now if I can just hold it…lol.  No great bonus or anything…just a personal goal.  Would be nice if I can get a few reports from the ophthalmologist with the great macro…40+ lines in 40 seconds…whoohoo!



August 12, 2009

Those 3 little letters consume my work day.  I’m happy to say that after only 3 months I am actually making production with my company, which is 130 lines per hour.  But I want MORE.  My long-term goal is 200 lph.  But honestly, I have no idea if that’s even realistic.  Although, I think it has to be.  I checked my stats at one point this morning and I was at 201!  But by the end of the day I was down to 130 exactly.  Those two 15 minute straight transcription H&Ps at the end of the day did me in, I think (I am much faster at VR editing I have found).  Oh, and also the long ESL consult that VR had trouble translating (as did I).  =\

Oh well, tomorrow is another day to rack up those lines. 🙂