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What Exam?

August 21, 2009

VR came up with this gem the other day…

“Her Catholic exam was normal.”

Ha!  So glad to hear it!  lol

(Should have been “metabolic panel was normal.”)


VR Bloopers

August 6, 2009

There have been a few this past week…I think I’m going to title these in the future “If it weren’t for the transcriptionist…”

…a woman’s record would have listed one of her past surgeries as a nephrectomy, rather than the mastectomy she actually had.

…a patient taking oxycodone might have been surprised to see Trazodone on his medication list. 

…another patient might have been shocked to find VR had made background noise into “He is full code.”  (Thankfully it didn’t decide to put “He is DNR.”) !

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the move toward voice recognition software in the medical transcription field.  But I don’t worry…transcriptionists will never become obsolete.  Not when the software comes up with stuff like that!